Introducing New Roots Development

Vertically integrated agricultural & land development company.

Our Vertically Integrated Agricultural & Land Development Company.

Focusing on cutting-edge technologies and modern cultivation techniques. Outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor. We cultivate in soil, soil-less medium, hydroponic, aquaponic and use regenerative farming & sustainable practices.

Implementing cutting edge technology we utilize drones and 3D modeling software for survey and design tasks. From our expansive lists of tools and knowledge, we provide many services to our partners.


Our Company Structure & Responsibility

We are a socially responsible family owned company.

We prioritize the 3 P's "People, Planet, then Profit"


Land & Aerial Surveying, Civil Engineering, Land Development, & Construction

From traditional land surveying to advanced quantity calculation utilizing drone technology and advanced computer assisted design software. We are planning for land development projects, from farms to subdivisions, to commercial properties, in a sustainable way, in order to protect the environment and the people whom call this planet home. Our land development plans go far beyond farming operations.

Construction Site

Farming and Cultivation

Utilizing many forms of cultivation practices, from traditional outdoor farming to highly advanced and automated indoor/greenhouse Aquaponics and Hydroponics.


Hemp-derived Building Materials

One of our main goals is to focus on creating everyday products, that can be found in every grocery store & pharmacy, and building materials, all made from hemp. We are in the planning stages to produce multiple products for wholesale/retail sales, and for our in-house construction projects. Affordable, fire-resistant, and sustainable housing is needed all over the world, beginning right here in the USA.

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